planta de maracuya

Our History

Family Agriculture

We are Agrica Foods, a family business that for 40 years has carried out sustainable agriculture in the district of San Pedro de Lloc, province of Pacasmayo.

A dream that was born 3 generations ago, with techniques inherited, improved and optimized both in field and post-harvest processes, until we managed to establish ourselves as Agroindustria Castro Alva S.A.C.

Our Work

Pesticide-free Organic Fruits

Our commitment to the environment led us to produce organic fruits. We grow passion fruit, huando orange, golden pineapple, hass avocado and strong avocado, as well as kión, garlic and onion.

We have been working the land naturally for 5 years, in harmony with nature and using organic compost, prepared by ourselves from plant waste, animal guano, organic nitrogen and potassium. For pest control we work with the green line, we do not use pesticides or herbicides (red line), we carry out biological management in order to certify our crops as organic.

fruto de maracuya

Passion Fruit

Huando Orange

piña golden

Golden Pineapple

palta hass

Hass Avocado

palta fuerte

Strong Avocado

pulpa de maracuya

Our Objetive

Agrica Foods

To give added value to these crops, today we launched the Agrica Food brand, with our first product: Passion fruit pulp, which we commercialize in the local market and with expansion plans at a national and international level.

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