Biological Fruit

Passion fruit pulp: fresh and delicious.

Our Products

Passion Fruit Pulp

Organic and natural fruit free of pesticides

It has a sanitary registration granted by DIGESA

Excellent natural source of vitamin A and C

pulpa de maracuya agrica foods

No added sugar,
octagon free

Flavor that lifts your spirits and energies

Strengthens the immune system

Frozen passion fruit pulp

1kg bag

Fresh fruit Huando Orange

Variety Washington Navel


Delicious Recipes

For one liter of juice: add 250g of passion fruit pulp to 750ml of water, mix and cool.

You can also enjoy its delicious flavor by preparing a variety of smoothies, juices, cocktails and desserts.


Points of sale

Find us in:
Calle Argentina N ° 107
Urb. El Recreo -Trujillo

agrica foods

About us

Castro Alva Agroindustry

We are a family business dedicated to the production of organic fruits with a view to certifying as organic, we have 5 years of experience in the cultivation of Passion Fruit, Huando Orange, Golden Pineapple, Hass Avocado and Strong Avocado.

We have carried out sustainable agriculture for 3 generations, more than 40 years carrying out family agriculture and now we give added value to our products with the Agrica Foods brand.


Peruvian Product

Made in Virú – La Libertad, in the multipurpose plant of the CITEagroindustrial Chavimochic, which has HACCP certification, complying with the highest quality and safety standards.

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